how to remove background from picture in canva

How to Remove Background in Canva (For Free): Step-by-Step

Removing the background from an image can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In this step-by-step guide, I will show you how to remove the background of an image in Canva as a Canva Pro user AND as a Canva free user. This process is simple and easy to follow, even if you are a beginner. So, let’s get started 👇.

How To Remove Background In Canva With Canva Pro

The “remove background” feature is only available to Canva Pro users. Canva Pro is the premium version of Canva where users get unlimited access to photos, media, Brand Kit tool, background remover, and more. So first, let’s remove the background of an image in Canva as a Canva Pro user.

how to remove a background in canva
  1. Open document in Canva
  2. Add an image
  3. Click the image and select Edit Image from the top toolbar
  4. Here you will see the background remover feature
  5. Click Apply and within seconds, Canva will work its magic ✨
  6. Voila, your background is removed.
how to remove the background of a picture in canva

Using the Erase and Restore Brush

After removing the background, Canva provides you with Erase and Restore brushes to touch up the end result.

  1. After using the background remover, select the Erase or Restore brush.
  2. Drag the brush over the parts of the image you wish to erase or restore.
  3. To see the original image, select Show Original Image.
  4. When complete, select Done and Apply on the toolbar.

How To Remove Background In Canva Without Canva Pro (For Free Users)

Unfortunately, for free Canva users, there is no “remove background” feature available in Canva. However, we can use another fantastic free tool called This is a separate website that is 100% automatic and free, and uses AI to remove the background of any image instantly.

how to remove background in canva free
  1. Go to
  2. Upload your photo
  3. Within seconds the background will disappear.
  4. Download your new image and upload it to Canva

Boom! You now have a background-free image in Canva without having to pay for the Canva Pro subscription.