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How To Group Items On Canva (Text, Images, & Elements)

So….how to group on Canva? An age old question that’s stumped designers for generations. The truth is, grouping elements is a great way to organize your work and design faster. There are a few ways simple ways that you group elements on Canva. In this article, I’ll will walk you through step by step how to group and ungroup multiple elements in Canva with a mouse, keyboard, and keyboard shortcuts. Let’s get started 👇!

How To Select Elements In Canva

Before grouping, you’ll need to select the elements you’d like to group together. There are a few different methods of selecting elements in Canva.

Select Using Mouse

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If the elements are closely packed together, it is easy to select them with your mouse cursor.

  1. Simply left click, hold, and drag your cursor over the design elements you want to select.
  2. When you drag the cursor, the area covered by your selection will be marked with a purple box.
  3. Once you have the elements selected, you can lift your finger from the left mouse button.

Select Using Keyboard

group elements in canva

If the elements are scattered across the document, it easier to select them with your keyboard.

  1. Simply left click an element and press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard.
  2. While holding the Shift key, you can click other design elements to add them to your selection. You can add as many elements to your selection as you’d like.
  3. Once you have the elements selected you can lift your finger from the Shift key.

How To Group Elements In Canva

Once the elements are selected, you can group them temporarily or permanently.

Group Temporarily

Temporary grouping is beneficial for performing one-time actions like resizing, deleting, locking, duplicating, or moving. The drawback of temporary grouping is that you must reselect the items if wish to make another modification to the group.

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After selecting a group of elements, you can take action on modifying them right away.

Group Permanently

Permanent grouping is the right approach if you expect to interact with the same group of elements multiple times. A permanent group is intended to save you time, making it easy to modify a group of elements multiple times, without having you reselect the elements prior to each modification. A permanent group holds aspect ratio and position of the elements in place.

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After selecting a group of elements, click on the Group feature from the above toolbar. Once the elements are grouped, a purple border will form around the entire group, instead of each individual element. Now you can interact with the group as if it is one singular element.

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Canva Group Elements Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows & Mac

Feeling confident? Start implementing these handy shortcuts to make the design process even smoother.

Group elements on Canva:

  • Windows: CTRL + G
  • Mac: Command + G

Ungroup elements on Canva:

  • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT+ G
  • Mac: Command + SHIFT+ G

How To Ungroup Elements In Canva

Ungrouping is just as easy as grouping elements together.

  • If you grouped the elements temporarily, simply click into an empty region of Canva.
  • If you grouped the elements permanently, simply select group and then click the Ungroup option from the above toolbar.
group the elements with the group feature